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Gemini Gymnastics Team

Gemini Gymnastics competes competitions that are sanctioned by USAG and AAU. Here at Gemini Gymnastics all levels are available by invitation only to compete. If you are interested in being apart of our competitive program call or stop by for an evaluation to be placed properly! 


Compulsory Levels 

These are the beginning levels of team, most kids are invited from our pre-team class with ages ranging from 6 years old and up. Level 5 the last compulsory level in the USA Gymnastics DP program before a gymnast can enter the USA Gymnastics Optional Levels. ​To enter Level 5 a Mobility Score needs to be reached at Level 4.


Optional Levels 

Optionals, are the levels where gymnasts receive their own routines for the events and build on their skill difficulty. Mobility Scores need to be reached at Level 5 and on to move through the levels.​


Xcel Levels 

This competitive program is designed for kids of varying skill level and are unable to make the same commitment level to the sport as those of the compulsory and optional levels. This still gives the kids a great competitive experience in the gymnastics world.

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